About Health Plus

Welcome to Health Plus

Health Plus is a modern new General Practice opening its doors next to Casey Market Town (ACT) in December 2018.

We are a group of passionate and energetic healthcare professionals providing not just better healthcare, but a better healthcare experience.

With a focus on proactive engagement, our team of qualified medical professionals delivers high-quality, holistic health care tailored to the needs of each individual patient.

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What Make Health Plus Different

Healthcare – "the old way"Healthcare – the new, "Health Plus way"
Reactive (treating illness and disease)Proactive (preventing illness and disease)
Receptive (doctor tells you what to do)Engaging (working together with you to improve your health)
Fragmented (only treating the body part with the current somatic problem)Holistic (looking at the whole person and using conventional and alternative treatments to improve your wellbeing)
Intimidating (making you feel unnerved, disheartened, overwhelmed)Empowering (inspiring you to take charge of your health)
Traditional processes (doing things the way they’ve always been done)Modern, technology-driven systems (adopting new ways to do things better)
Conservative atmosphere (medical centre set up and run by an older generation)Vibrant ambience (clinic set up and run by a younger generation of energetic health professionals)
Distance between doctors and patients (no communication outside of official appointments)Social connection (active on social media to stay fully connected to our community)
Air of secrecy/mystery (leaving you to wonder about many things)Full transparency (open and forthcoming about fees, options, appointments etc.)

Fostering A Healthier Community

We’re committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which we work.

Starting with individual patients, we want to create a health movement in our community, empowering people to make positive changes to their lifestyle to improve their health and wellbeing.

Read more about Our Vision for a healthy community.

The Future Of Healthcare Is Here

Health Plus is committed to creating a modern, data-driven health clinic, integrating technology wherever possible to help run our practice and deliver results faster, better and more securely.

The main goal of our technological solutions and social media efforts is to make things clearer, quicker and easier for our patients, and to deliver a more effective health outcome.

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We look forward to serving you and supporting you on your journey towards better health.

We have different types of appointments. To make an appointment with one of our male or female GPs, call Health Plus on 1300 GP1 GP1 (1300 471 471) or simply Book Online.