The Health Plus Vision

Nurturing a healthier community, one patient at a time

At Health Plus General Practice (located in Casey, ACT), we strongly believe service to others is at the heart of healthcare.

Our doctors do not simply want to administer medicine to treat conditions. We want to work together with our patients to make each and every one of you a healthier person. Our ultimate goal is to build a healthier, happier community.

Adopting a holistic approach in everything we do, we recognise and respect each patient’s individual values and needs. What matters most to us are your personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family and our entire community.

The team at Health PLUS is guided by 4 simple principles:

  • [P]assion - Passionate about our community and about our work, there’s nothing we love more than to help you achieve better health in any way possible.
  • [L]ifestyle - Convinced lifestyle changes are key to achieving good health, we will persistently promote and educate the community about the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • [U]nderstanding - Understanding that every patient has different needs, and taking a respectful, holistic approach, we customise our care to suit each individual person.
  • [S]upport - Supporting you throughout your journey of life, we want to offer not just treatment, but guidance and inspiration, and be your healthcare partner for life.

Together, let’s work towards a healthier community.