Health Checks

"Prevention Is Better Than Cure"

Your body is not unlike a car, which needs to get regular check-ups to keep running smoothly. These checks can help pick up issues and fix them before you end up with a car that breaks down and could be very costly to repair.

The human body has its own set of things to measure and problems to watch out for, before they become difficult or impossible to repair.

When you book a comprehensive health check at Health Plus, we will fully measure and assess your current state of health.

It allows us to let you know how your body is doing, what personalised potential risks are relevant to your future health, and what can be done now to optimise your health.

At Health Plus General Practice, we believe in a holistic approach to medicine. That is why we believe preventive health checks are so important. We would rather prevent an illness than treat it. Wouldn’t you?

Health Plus offers a wide range of preventative health checks, including but not limited to the following list.


  • Healthy Kids Check
  • Complete Health Check (all ages)
  • Well Men’s & Women’s Check
  • Health & Lifestyle Program (for elderly)
  • Sexual Health Screening
  • Skin Check


To make an appointment for a health check, call Health Plus on 02 6109 9320 or Book Online.