Urgent Appointments

Do you have an urgent medical issue that
you need to see your doctor today??

Need to see your doctor today?

At Health Plus General Practice, we reserve some appointments daily for urgent bookings.

You may secure an ‘on the day’ appointment by booking online from midnight or by calling us early (on 1300 471 471) from 8.00 am.

Our experienced staff is well-rehearsed in triaging urgent calls. Please let us know the nature of urgency and we will make every effort to accommodate you, particularly if you have sick children.

We also use a waiting list for appointments – please see our regular appointments page.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY? Call 000 or your local emergency department immediately!

Need to speak to your doctor today?

Please call our reception if you have urgent matters you wish to discuss with your GP. Your doctor is often quite busy and may not be able to take your call straightaway. Wherever possible, please let us know the details of your urgency. Our staff will leave a message with your doctor and will endeavour to get your doctor to contact you when time allows.

We strongly discourage the use of email as a form of communication with your doctor, particularly in urgent or sensitive matters. Doctors may only have time to check their email a few times a day, making it unsuitable for urgent matters. In addition, email is not a secure form of communication, which means your doctor cannot legally provide any form of medical advice through email correspondence.